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We Pay You to Serve Online Patrons

We Drive Online Orders To Restaurant Partners... with NO FEES & NO COMMISSIONS!

Let Us Grow Your Restaurant Online

Independent restaurant owners can leverage our digital platform to drive online orders directly to their restaurant without paying any commissions or fees. Our proprietary revenue share model pays you to serve your online guests and covers all digital and marketing costs for your restaurant.

  We Help You Stop Paying Third Party Fees & Commissions
  We Help You Increase Patron Retention Driving Repeat Orders
  We Manage All Digital Solutions and Marketing for Your Restaurant
  We Facilitate Increases in Restaurant Revenues via our Digital Channels
  We Provide Restaurant Partners A 2-Way Texting Platform to Better Manage Patron Communications
  We Drive An Increase in Birthday and Celebratory Dining Events for Your Restaurant
  And we do so much more on your restaurant's behalf...
Apply to Partner With Us
Apply to Partner With Us

Why Do I Need to Apply?

There are some qualifications you must meet to ensure we are a good fit for one another. Since we partner with you to grow your online business on our digital platforms. It is extremely important for both sides to know what is required to successfully work together.

Here is How We Help Your Restaurant


We customize an online menu to drive more orders and more profit for your restaurant. We work with you to balance your kitchen's workload managing between online orders and on-site dining.


Communications are a key to repeat orders. We design for your restaurant automated communications to your patrons engaging them with promotions, surveys, contests, and rewards.


We keep your restaurant busy using our media platforms to remind your patrons to revisit your restaurant online or on-site. We also use digital advertising campaigns to attract new guests for your restaurant.


Our merchant account relationships allow us to eliminate credit card processing fees for our restaurant partners. We establish e-commerce accounts for our partners for fast direct funding on all online orders.


We text-enable your restaurant's business number to allow patrons to reach you via call or on our 2-way texting platform. All SMS/Texting costs are absorbed by us for online orders processed on our platform.


We help you get more restaurant reviews. Our platform engages every online patron to post positive reviews about your restaurant and give us feedback on their food experience with your restaurant.

Are You Ready to Eliminate Third Party Fees?

Dine Partners can help you keep more of your revenues and increase total profits with our "Done For You" e-commerce platform. Our strategies allow us to eliminate all commissions and fees for your restaurant while helping you to generate more online sales.

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Want to Learn More?

It is important for us to be able to answer any questions you may have about our process and how we help your restaurant. Select a time on our calendar to schedule an appointment with one of our support specialists.

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Joe Velez is a digital media and technology strategist. He founded Dine Partners in 2020 to help independent restaurant owners during the pandemic. His objective was to provide restaurant owners with an alternative online ordering solution where restaurant owners could retain 100% of their online revenues. With that in mind, he was able to develop a proprietary solution that would partner with restaurants to grow their online presence and drive revenue growth.

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